Goggles/ Face Shield

Plastic Apron

Triple layer Medical Mask

Coverall with hood cap


Shoe Leggings

Disposable Bag

Thermal Scanners



We are manufacturing Coveralls in-house and source the remaining items from reliable suppliers and ensure the products are all meeting the required standards,

Our coveralls provide 360-degree protection as it covers the entire body including the head (in-built hood cap and feet (boot cover).The coverall is impermeable to blood and bodily fluids. Coverall is made from 95gsm (80gsm Fabric + 15 gsm Lamination) Poly propylene non-woven fabric which is approved by SITRA and meets ISO 16603 Class 6 pressure standards, also passing the Synthetic Blood Penetration Test and Seam test conducted by SITRA.



  • Single Use (Disposable)
  • Universal fit
  • Breathable Ergonomic Design
  • Splash resistant fabric
  • Polyester Zipper along with covering flap, hoodie design
  • Soft Elastic at front of hood, wrists and ankles
  • 24mm SITRA/DRDO approved tapes for added protection at the seams Separate Shoe Leggings
  • Colours - White / Light Blue - As per availability of the materials

Shoe Leggings

  • Non-woven fabric with same technical specification as of Coverall
  • Elastic End and elastic on the ankle provide firmness and is easy to wear over shoes
  • Covers entire shoes & reach above ankles

Face Shield/Goggles

  • Anti-Scratch and Anti Fog
  • Flexi Fit
  • Adjustable Velcro
  • Contour Fit
  • Light Weight and Crystal-Clear Eye/Face Protector
  • Zero Power and may be reusable
  • Completely covers sides and length of the face


  • Natural Rubber Latex Product
  • One pair, Disposable, Powder free
  • Micro rough surface at palm for better grip
  • Gloves are in accordance with EN455/ASTM D6319-10 Standards

3 Ply Face Mask

  • Spunbond polymer non-woven fabric with nose piece
  • Bacteria & Splash Resistance
  • Elastic Ear Loop
  • Cool and offer great breathability
  • Proper placements of folds
  • Filter efficiency 99%
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We have the following certications

Perfection is both innate and a work in progress. We will be back with more products soon!!!

Our Products

Personal Protective Equipment

Infrared Thermography and Disinfection System

Personal Protective Equipment Kit

Sitra certified PPE kits

Standard PPE kits

Premium PPE kits

Supreme PPE kits

  • Coverall Body Suit -80 +15 GSM Lamination, SITRA Certified Material
  • Sterile Latex Gloves (ISI mark)
  • Face shield
  • Disposable Bag
  • A bag which will include all the above items
  • KIT has Mfg Month and Year
  • KIT has Exp Month

Surgical Gown

We supply various specifications of surgical gown as per customer requirements

Our coveralls comes in two colors, Blue and White subject to availability of the fabric. We adhere to the parameters decided by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as well as health and Ministry of Textiles from time to time. We can do the customization as per need of the customer.


We are also dealing with varieties of Face Masks to cater the need of the clients which ranges from normal public to health care workers. These includes 3 Ply (Melt Blown and Spun Bond), 4 Ply & 5 Ply best quality Make in India KN95 (CE, US-FDA, ISO, GMP approved with 95% filtration capacity), Make in India N95 (ISO, CE, GMP approved), 2 Ply Cotton Masks etc.

Other Health Gears

Face shields, Gloves (Latex & Nitrile), IR Thermometers, Sanitizers, Body Temperature Sensing Unit, Testing Kits, etc.

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